Trade Receivables Securitisation – How to undertake a Survey or Audit

Understanding the key processes and adhering to best practice is essential for the smooth and successful completion of any trade receivables securitisation; and underwriting, risk assessment, and trade credit insurance are vital to the formation of any agreement. The undertaking of a survey or audit on an existing or potential credit insured client is fundamental, and it is of the utmost ...
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Courts’ semantic wrangling comes to an eventful end - Lloyd’s List

A commonly used phrase in insurance policies provokes a yawning gap in interpretation. TAKE this simple aggregation wording commonly used in insurance policies: “any loss or series of losses arising out of any one event”. The phrase may look simple but what lies behind the words is far from simple and has been the subject of several legal battles. In Kuwait ...
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“London lawyer leads Iranian maritime initiative” from Ship Management International, Issue No 24, March/April 2010

Financial and economic sanctions have enormously complicated the trading picture between the world and the important maritime nation of Iran, but even if political issues were solved tomorrow or had never arisen, all concerned with the shipping process would still need specialist know-how to ensure their interests were protected. James Brewer interviews Maryam Taher to look at the importance of ...
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“Iran sanctions – challenging the system” from Shipping & Transport International vol.9 No. 3

An interview with Maryam Taher (M Taher & Co, London) on recent developments in relation to the EU’s Iran sanctions regime. In the second part of the interview we ask her about her practical experience of acting for overseas shipping interests with cases in the Iranian legal system. Iranian entities such as the shipping lines, notably the IRISL, and banks, such ...
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