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The Missiles, manoeuvres and measures – a miscellany of new sanctions

Alongside brief commentary on recent developments, this article reviews some important but increasingly forgotten background matters. Sanctions are part of the heavy artillery of economic warfare, and ban or curtail commerce in order to pressurise offending regimes. With severe penalties for breach they are strict - and often strict liability - provisions which can have a huge impact on ...
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The “NEW FLAMENCO” - Causation and credit

Defendants often argue that their breach of contract created no loss, or that injury resulted at least partly from something other than their breach of duty. In these senses legal causation is a routine topic, hosting familiar issues. It is less common to find it at the heart of a dispute on the measure of damages and mitigation, but that was ...
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Swell, storm and subrogation - the "OCEAN VICTORY"

In its 10 May decision in the "OCEAN VICTORY" ([2017] UKSC 35) the Supreme Court addressed two familiar topics of great importance in shipping and international trade - safe port and tonnage limitation - and by its ruling on joint insurance it has probably added a third. This article discusses the significance of the outcome on each point. Facts ...
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New LMAA Terms 2017

The London Maritime Arbitrators Association, whose LMAA Terms govern a wide range of maritime disputes, has published an updated version of the Terms, which come into effect on the 1st May 2017. The new terms apply to arbitral proceedings commenced on or after 1st May 2017. There has been recent case law, notably Gerald Metals v Timis (Vasile Frank) [2016] ...
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