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War - Whether, Where and What?

This article looks at one particular charterparty and also sale contract provision in a volatile and changing world. Events during only the last few days show that potentially serious conflict is seldom far away, and one type of clause might need review. Introduction Many fixtures and other contracts contain what are often largely standard ...
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What if there is no voyage?

Voyage charterparties often involve claims for demurrage, detention, deviation and other additional transit or port expenses. Disputes can arise under fixture wording set amid what has happened, but most such things are largely routine for the parties’ commercial analysts. Sometimes however the fixture is simply not performed, resulting in a damages claim when, for example, Charterers release the vessel because they ...
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Sanctions following the Salisbury incident?

We write to outline this firm's relevant expertise on matters that may now arise. There has been much media speculation, but the nature and extent of the UK Government's next action still remain to be seen. However, as well as perhaps measures at the diplomatic level, it is reasonable to anticipate travel bans, visa restrictions and the freezing ...
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Piracy, and another reminder from West Africa

On 1 February the product tanker “MARINE EXPRESS”, with a crew of 22 and carrying 13,500 tonnes of gasoline, was presumed hijacked by pirates. This was confirmed by the vessel’s operators when she was recovered, with the crew safe and cargo intact, just five days later. Few other details have emerged about a fortunately and surprisingly brief incident which is ...
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